"Everything happen twice: Once in your mind, the second time in reality."

Dr Wong Jeh Shyan

The New World of Capital

Where will you be?


Is there clarity and visibility in your aspiration? Are your dreams and visions always seemed to be limited by the amount of money you have?


Do you know how to design a scalable business? Do you know how to make your company IPO compliance?


Do you know how much your company share is worth? How to you increase the valuation of your projects and companies?


Can others read your profit model like an open book? Do you have layered of business models to ensure maximum profitability?

Do you know the difference between a feasible company and a bankable company? Do you really know the true business model of global leading businesses and your competition?​


Starting a business is easy, how about your exit? Where do you see yourself 5 years down the road? Do you know the various ways to exit strategies for your companies?

Be Part of Our Capital Network

Miracles Of Capital

The life changing entrepreneur program is a 3 days round table workshop with our distinguished speaker Dr Wong Jeh Shyan. Be ready to be amazed with this 3 days of eye opening seminar.

MOC Capital Centre

Acting as a private incubator platform, MOC Capital create a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs, helping both to discover new opportunities, working relationship and harnessing new capital to make a robust and bankable projects.

Biz Angel Network

Be a part of the Biz Angel Network and get the latest opportunities to see and filter new and promising projects. Get invited to be a qualified angel investors and join us in a lifelong exploration in angel investing.

Entrepreneur & Investor Networking Session

Extend your network and learn with other CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders while exploring new ideas and resources for your own business.

Conferences & Events

Expose yourself through the high impact international platform where you can showcase your company and business model, meet other investors and entrepreneurs both locally and internationally and get the latest market information.

Roadshow Platform – PrivatePitch TM

PrivatePitch is a platform created to be a springboard for your new and existing businesses, showcasing to qualified and interested Investors. Successful roadshows raised ranges from minimum of RM100,000 to even tens of millions for the participants!


Private consultation sessions with our advisory board on various aspects including business model creation, financial road map, roadshow preparation, research and data centre and more

Corporate Visit

Onsite visit to our alumni and other successful businesses and learn the success secrets or stories on how they have implemented the capital mechanism in their enterprise. Be the first to explore new projects and brands in the making and be inspired!

Business Matching

We created the platform to help business and funds matching, creating a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors.

Field Trip – GoExplore TM

Immerse in the journey of learning and be inspired by the travelling-learning sessions where we visits countries together.

About MOC

Miracles of Capital

While others think of how to survive this new capital centered economy, A new era of capital mechanism awaits, meaning more growth, more productivity, more profits. It’s time to own the success your business deserves. Over 3 days & 3 nights, Miracles of Capital will arm you and your business with the strategies and psychology for thriving in this new world of capital.

Dominate mindshare in your market. Massively expand your cash flow and capital. Train, retain & inspire an extraordinary team via the Red dot theory. Create an amazing business model like the ones at Apple, AirAsia and Amazon by learning from the best. At The Miracles of Capital, you will discover where your business is and where you want it to be- and you’ll create the roadmap to get you there- all through the capital mechanism model.

The Miracles of capital graduates understand what many business leaders don’t: To dominate your market in any economy, you must master the 6 Force of Capital Mechanism. By harnessing the power of world-class business model; an impactful roadshows, restructuring through the concept of wealth creation system, and strategic Financial Roadmap, our grads know how to thrive (not just survive) in any economy. Isn’t it time that you joined them?

Capital Mechanism

Business Model

Psychology of Roadshows

Financial Roadmap

Wealth Creation System

Restructuring with Firewall

Crossing the Chasm Reddot

Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan


  • CEO, MOC Capital Berhad
  • Former-CEO, Commerce Net Singapore 2000-2010
  • Consulting Partner, CNSG consulting group, Singapore
  • Founding Partner, Shyan Associates, Singapore
  • Co-founder, Orientis VC, South Africa
  • Co-founder, Ecommerce Gateway,Pakistan
  • Proponent of investment trusts

Dr. Jeh Shyan WONG, Co-Founder,
‘The Killing Moon, Incubator...’

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong was the former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore from 2000-2010. He currently heads the CNSG Consulting Group as the Consulting Partner, and also serves as the founding partner in Shyan Associates in Singapore, and co-founded Orientis VC in South Africa. He currently advises multiple start-ups and investment groups.

Dr. Wong specialises in corporate restructuring and corporate turn-around; revenue streams development and cashflow management; mergers and acquisition. His forte includes sophisticated financial modeling and business modelling. He is also well known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering. He often leads complicated cross national boundary pilot projects, with a special focus on high risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He is also a proponent of investment trusts.

Dr. Wong is the current CEO of MOC Capital Berhad with the aim to build one of the most aggressive capital mechanism investment portfolio company.

Participant Sharing

“After attending MOC, I managed to turn my company around, restructured a new business model and successfully raised RM11 million in new capital all within 3 months”

KK Chang Founder of CHE Group Berhad

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Course Details

The Miracles of Capital (Mandarin)
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 10 - 12 November 2018

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