Dr Wong Jeh Shyan

Dr. Jeh Shyan WONG

  • CEO, MOC Capital Berhad
  • Former-CEO, Commerce Net Singapore 2000-2010
  • Consulting Partner, CNSG consulting group, Singapore
  • Founding Partner, Shyan Associates, Singapore
  • Co-founder, Orientis VC, South Africa
  • Co-founder, Ecommerce Gateway, Pakistan
  • Proponent of investment trusts

Dr. Jeh Shyan WONG, Co-Founder,
‘The Killing Moon, Incubator...’

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong was the former-CEO of CommerceNet Singapore from 2000-2010. He currently heads the CNSG Consulting Group as the Consulting Partner, and also serves as the founding partner in Shyan Associates in Singapore, and co-founded Orientis VC in South Africa. He currently advises multiple start-ups and investment groups.

Dr. Wong specialises in corporate restructuring and corporate turn-around; revenue streams development and cashflow management; mergers and acquisition. His forte includes sophisticated financial modeling and business modelling. He is also well known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering. He often leads complicated cross national boundary pilot projects, with a special focus on high risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He is also a proponent of investment trusts.

Dr. Wong is the current CEO of MOC Capital Berhad with the aim to build one of the most aggressive capital mechanism investment portfolio company.